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A Week in Review - July 31st, 2015

North Carolina used its regulatory power to "redefine" private citizens as farms, and an activist was arrested in Denver on the charge of jury tampering - despite the fact that he was merely handing out educational flyers on jury nullification.  Elsewhere, however, a U.S. judge, the DoJ's own inspector general, and Alabama citizens have all, in their own arenas, pushed back against tyranny.  And personal privacy faces another threat beyond politics, as a popular Android app is found to leave users' phone completely open to malware infection.

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A Week in Review - July 24th, 2015

Use of cell phone interceptors - such as Harris Corporation's "Stingrays" - may be banned or severely restricted in California, and justice finds a deputy who lied to procure search and arrest warrants.

However, data collection and mining continue to flourish at the federal level, including several initiatives to enlist consumer technology companies - an industry that is discovering its own vulnerabilities - as "Little Brother" surveillance assistants.

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