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A Week in Review - April 15th, 2016

More gains for the Second Amendment and a revised look at privacy made pro-liberty headlines last week.  Unfortunately, though, "overreach" was the primary theme: the ATF was caught installing surveillance devices; HUD redefined "racial discrimination" to increase its regulatory reach; a CA Congresswoman wants more cell phone tracking, this time of purchases; and the FCC delayed announcing a program was rife with fraud until the day after it was renewed.

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A Week in Review - March 11th, 2016

We know that one should not blame on tyranny what can be explained by bureaucratic incompetence but the combination of stories we found this past week does not seem to bode well for our First Amendment rights.  Certain protests are now illegal; the DoJ is looking into whether arguing against climate change should result in charges; and FOIA requests are being blatantly ignored.  We also found that a Mississippi legislator thinks parents should be graded on their involvement, and that the IRS exposed thousands of taxpayers to online identity theft.

On the bright side, the West Virginia legislature took a principled stand on behalf of its citizens Constitutional rights.  So we've at least got something....

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