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A Week - er, Month - in Review

A slow month of writing does not mean a slow month for freedom.  A horrific tale of a former cop now in his eighth month of solitary confinement for standing by his 5th Amendment rights; legislative resistance to giving up even the smallest bit of control; and bungling of "security processes" by everyone from state school boards to US Customs led the bad news.  The good news came in the form of legal victories against regulatory agencies, a legislature living up to its state's ambitious motto, and two federal judges taking government to task.

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A Week in Review - March 18th, 2016

In the last seven days, we’ve seen a number of stories about blatant government overreach and abuse of power.  However, we also witnessed an expansion of Second Amendment rights in two separate states, and an Alabama legislator who is seeking to limit the power of the state over who we choose to marry.  We also came across an organization with an honorable mission: teaching college students that they have every right to hold and express their personal political views while on campus.

It was a close decision, but we think the good guys won this week.


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