A Week in Review - January 22nd, 2016

The DEA registered a TSA screener as a "confidential source" to identify passengers traveling with large quantities of cash, with the promise of a share of what was confiscated under civil asset forfeiture laws.  According to the DoJ's investigation, the screener provided no actionable information and was therefore not paid, but that the arrangement "violated the DEA’s interdiction manual, and could have violated individuals’ protection against unreasonable searches and seizures if it led to a subsequent DEA enforcement action."

A South Carolina legislator deliberately proposed an offensively unconstitutional bill limiting journalistic First Amendment rights - modeling it after existing laws currently infringing Second Amendment rights.  Several media outlets, more than comfortable in calling for firearm registration and gun control laws, failed to recognize the irony or get the message.

California state legislators have submitted a bill that would ban the sale of smartphones with unbreakable encryption.  Since equating privacy with terrorism doesn't appear to be working, this latest public relations campaign has focused on human trafficking and sexual abuse.  Remember - only sexual predators and child abusers want privacy!