A Week in Review - July 10th, 2015


The Director of the Office of Personnel Management has resigned, after it was revealed that the leak of sensitive data - including compromising discoveries made during security clearance investigations - extended to over twenty-one million Americans.  Per the Wall Street Journal, "[h]ackers likely stole every background-investigation form completed by OPM since 2000—an unprecedented theft officials have said could be used for blackmail or counterintelligence for years."

An Italian company that sold weaponized spyware to the US Army and DEA for surreptitious installation on smart phones has, itself, been hacked.  Using the "Hacking Team"'s own social media account, the perpetrators posted, "Since we have nothing to hide, we're publishing all our e-mails, files, and source code."  Leaked internal customer records indicate their products have also been heavily sold to several repressive regimes, despite company statements to the contrary.

Oregon House Majority Leader Val Hoyle has resigned rather than face a growing recall effort from citizens opposed to gun laws passed along party lines and against public protest.  Efforts continue against Representative Susan McLain and Senator Chuck Riley.

Wisconsin officials have moved closer to hiding legislative activity from citizens.  The bill would effectively draw a curtain over the government’s actions, covering legislative aids, committee hearings, oversight, and all communications even down to school board meetings. Wisconsin Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee refused to say who proposed the bill.