"We had to terrorize them to make them feel safer...."

The behavior of the Mike Bloomberg group, "Moms Demand Action," towards Kroger is nothing short of disgusting. The company's policy is not to make their patrons carry guns, it's to respect the local laws regarding the carrying of them.

In other words, they respect the community in which each individual store operates.

A rational person would think, if legal behavior is so frightening or offensive, that the proper course of action would be to change that community's laws; to convince the residents, one town at a time, of the rightness of that change and have them engage with their lawmakers to make it. Bloomberg's group, however, prefers to throw ridiculous amounts of money into bullying Kroger via multiple, demonizing media campaigns until the company conforms to its values and views. As appears to often be the case with anti-rights groups, they find it easier to force a small group to submit to them than to convince a broader population to agree with them.

They like to tell, not ask.

You do not need to carry guns, to own them, or even to like them to be alarmed by this tactic of "demand over demonstrate" because it could be applied to anything you value. This is not about guns. This is about choice, about respecting the values and decisions of hundreds of communities across the nation regarding what is and isn't acceptable to them.

Perhaps it's time to start making our own demand of this group and its clones: Stop bullying companies for respecting the law.