Keep in mind, this is real

Here's something a bit frightening, just in time for Halloween. According to former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkinsson - and confirmed in part by CBS through a spokesperson - an unknown Federal entity repeatedly accessed her work computers via remote means, deleted key files pertaining to stories that would embarrass the White House and, most disturbing, planted data within her personal machine's operating system files "to be able to accuse you of having classified documents if they ever needed to do that at some point."

Think about that. This isn't the former Soviet Union or 1970s East Germany - this is our nation and it is happening now. The idea that you could ask too many questions, upset the wrong people, and end up arrested for something you didn't do in retaliation is horrific and abhorrent to our way of life.

How many times have we seen this play out on the nightly news? Someone is arrested for online theft or downloading child pornography, and his interviewed neighbors say, "I've known him for years and *never* would have thought he was that kind of person!" Well... what if they actually weren't "that kind of person?" Certainly, some are actually guilty but the fact that this is even a possibility should chill your blood - and make you ask that question more often.

We're supposed to be free to question our government in this country; to air our grievances and appeal for redress when its agents have overstepped their bounds. We shouldn't have to fear being framed because we dared to open our mouths.