A Question of Legitimacy

Political pundits and experts often tout the lack of "verified cases" of voter fraud. Yet we have these stories from just the past week:

  • A man was "only joking" about offering to buy unused mail-in ballots in Pueblo, Colorado;
  • Undercover video shows three different Colorado activist groups extolling the brilliance of using discarded mail-in ballots and ballots belonging to out-of-town roommates to vote more than once;
  • Voting machines in Maryland, Illinois and now Texas are electronically switching Republican votes to Democrats;
  • Some Boulder, Colorado election judges, responsible for verifying questionable ballot signatures, have turned out to be Democrats wearing Republican nametags or have switched their party affiliation from Democrat within the last two weeks.

How many "anecdotes" does it take to become "evidence?" How much of that is required to call it fraud? And what are we, as citizens, expected to do when those who make our laws come to power by breaking them?