"We" is mostly "me."  My name is Keith Coniglio and I'm one of the founders of the group responsible for the historic Colorado recall elections of 2013. 

In response to the 2012 Obama administration's call for gun control, a slew of bills was proposed by the Democrats of the Colorado state legislature.  Tens of thousands of Coloradans flooded the Capitol Building over several days to protest the proposals, and veteran legislators on both sides of the aisle confessed that they had never before seen such turnout in opposition of any laws.  We packed the hearing rooms.  We flooded the hallways.  We filled voicemail boxes and crashed email servers... but the laws were passed anyway, on party lines.

Our Governor would not meet with our elected sheriffs.  Our legislators tuned us out and bragged about it.  A representative body of government was told by its constituency that it did not want a specific set of proposed laws - and that body unapologetically refused to submit.  It ignored the will of the people it was supposed to represent and instantly criminalized common behavior.  It chose to tell rather than listen.  It chose legislative tyranny.

I refused to accept that I would be dictated to, and fate delivered me into the company of six other political novices who felt the same way.  Despite opposition by both major parties, a hostile media, the discouraging knowledge that there had never been a successful recall in our state's 137-year history, and declarations by "the professionals" that what we were attempting was impossible, we committed ourselves to the fight - and won. 

That experience, costly as it was in many ways, taught me that "we, the people" still had a role to play in the preservation of our liberties - but only if we were aware of the dangers we faced, and only if we were willing to act on that knowledge.  Descendants of Liberty Press was born in an effort to satisfy the former in the hopes that it would inspire the latter.

Since the site's launch in 2014, I have been supported and joined by a wide array of Americans in my efforts to highlight liberty's threats, victories, and losses.  Housewives and students, lawyers and software developers, holders of government office and members of the defense and intelligence communities, all have provided me with tips, links, personal tales, and advice.  While I may be the one doing the writing, I do so as their voice and with a single goal: to get you to stand up and fight for your inherent rights as American citizens.