A decade prior to the American Revolution, geographically separate groups of dissidents throughout the American colonies formed a secret society, Sons of Liberty, dedicated to protecting the rights of their fellow colonists.  These first local chapters were made up of middle class artisans and tradesmen, lawyers and politicians… and printers and correspondents.  This last group was responsible for a tremendous outpouring of news and opinion, printed and disseminated in secret, designed to make their fellow Englishmen aware of the abuses of the Crown, to identify those officers of the British government supportive of “intolerable acts,” and to promote those candidates and policies that they felt were most supportive of individual citizens’ rights and liberties. 

Descendants of Liberty Press is designed to follow in their footsteps, not as a secret society but as a bold and honest voice in defense of personal liberty.  It is our goal to provide education - and empowerment - through publication.  We will give you the information needed to recognize threats to your freedom and, wherever possible, will provide you useful tools to push back and defend it.  We'll share citizens' personal experiences in rolling back government overreach and will highlight ongoing work quietly being done in defense of liberty by private citizens exactly like you.  And we will be a voice for liberty, even when the safest route is silence.

Especially when the safest route is silence, because that is when such a voice is needed most.