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Week(s) in Review - April 29, 2016

We skipped last week's review to promote visibility for Burt Wagner's story, and have some catching up to do.  Several stories came to light since mid-month, with all the volatility of spring - a true mixed bag of gains and losses for privacy, Second Amendment rights, state government overreach, and federal government integrity.

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A Week in Review - April 15th, 2016

More gains for the Second Amendment and a revised look at privacy made pro-liberty headlines last week.  Unfortunately, though, "overreach" was the primary theme: the ATF was caught installing surveillance devices; HUD redefined "racial discrimination" to increase its regulatory reach; a CA Congresswoman wants more cell phone tracking, this time of purchases; and the FCC delayed announcing a program was rife with fraud until the day after it was renewed.

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A Week in Review - April 8th, 2016

There were some bright points this week, including an upcoming PA vote to abolish a corrupt court, the expansion of encrypted communication to over a billion people, and a(n almost imperceptible) victory for the Second Amendment in NJ.  Sadly, though, these were overshadowed by stories of gross governmental overreach, expansion, and abuse.

We wish we could report better news.

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